Volume-6 Number-1 | 2017

Feyyat Gökçe
Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators: Empirical Evidence from the Universities of Sindh Province of Pakistan
Zafarullah Sahito and Pertti Vaisanen
Classroom Research: What do ELT Teacher Trainees Experience When Performing Collaborative Group-Work Tasks?
Şule Çelik Korkmaz
31 PDF
Effects of Mathematics Content Knowledge on Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Müjgan Baki and Selahattin Arslan
53 PDF
School Constituents’ Ratings of The Performance Dimensions of Male and Female High-Performing Principals
Disraeli M. Hutton
69 PDF
Teachers in E-Libraries: Research and Application
Erdinç Alaca and Hatice İnci Önal
89 PDF
The Predictor Roles of Speaking Anxiety and English Self Efficacy on Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety
Enisa Mede and Özlem Karaırmak
117 PDF

Volume-6 Number-2 | 2017

Feyyat Gökçe
137 PDF
University Students` Perception and Utilization of Technology for Learning: The Case of Haramaya University
Sisay Awgichew Wondemetegegn
139 PDF
Professional Space and Agency: The Case of In-Service Language Teachers
Gizem Mutlu
157 PDF
Three Birds with a Stone: Technology Integration in Language Education with Reverse Mentoring Model
Belgin Aydın
177 PDF
Student Teachers’ Views Regarding the Impact of Effective Teaching Strategies on Student Motivation
Melek Çakmak
191 PDF
Critical Thinking in Nigeria’s Pre-Service Teachers Education: A Philosophical Investigation
Olatunji, M. Olalekan
205 PDF

Volume-6 Number-3 | 2017

Feyyat Gökçe
227 PDF
Creative Improvisations with Information and Communication Technology to Support Learning: A Conceptual and Developmental Framework
Mikko Vesisenaho, Patrick Dillon, Sari Havu-Nuutinen, Tuula Nousiainen, Teemu Valtonen and RuoLan Wang
229 PDF
Evaluation of an ELT Practicum Programme from The Perspectives of Supervisors, Student Teachers and Graduates
K. Merve Celen and Sumru Akcan
251 PDF
Teachers Professional Development in schools: Reflection on the Move to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Fekede Tuli
275 PDF
Mathematics and Science Teacher Candidates’ Beliefs of Developing Questioning Skills in Turkey
Fatma Cumhur and Shirley M. Matteson
297 PDF
Undergraduate Students’ Creativity And Entrepreneurial Intention: A Panacea for Youth Unemployment
Hassan Olusola A. and Ifamuyiwa Adebola S.
319 PDF