Volume 10 – Issue 2 – 2021

Impact of Coaching, Co-Teaching, and Student Characteristics on Teacher Readiness
Joy N. Stapleton, Elizabeth A. Fogarty, Christina M. Tschida,
Kristen Cuthrell and Jessica R. Chittum

Professional Identity Assignments to Support Beginning Teachers’ Growth into the Profession
Janine Mommers, Gonny Schellings and Douwe Beijaard

“It’s Like Flying a Plane While Constructing It”: Exploring Blended Formatted Courses in Teacher Preparation Programs Through the Instructor Perspective
Chiu-Yin (Cathy) Wong and Antonio G. Estudillo

STEM Teacher Educators’ Professional Practices and Challenges: A Cross-National Comparison
William Medina-Jerez, Mourat Tchoshanov, Ruby Lynch Arroyo, Cristina Iturralde, Laísa M. Freire, María de los Angeles Cruz Quiñones, Valentina Giaconi, Farzaneh Saadati, Adriana Bertelle, Adriana Rocha, Ana Fuhr Stoessel and Adela Molina Andrade

Character Strengths in Early Years: Teachers’ Awareness and Practices
Aylin Sop and Serap Özdemir Bişkin

Moving from Levels of Inquiry to the Flexible Phases of Inquiry Theory: A Literature Review of Inquiry-Based Teacher Education
Julie Bacak and Erik Jon Byker